Home loan in 1 month: is it possible?

Obtaining a home loan within one month is entirely possible, however, you must be reactive and ask for a comparator to save time.

Many mortgage applicants will resort to urgent procedures, simply because they have signed a sales agreement or want to take advantage of the low rates at the time. These emergency conditions can quickly lead to stress and the inability to choose the right funding agency, yet it is possible not to confuse speed and haste and get funding quickly.


Use an online mortgage loan comparator

mortgage loan comparator

this allows you to approach the different banks and credit institutions that can respond favorably to your home purchase, construction or purchase project. of apartment. The comparator is simply a service that will probe the banks and get you the best deals of the moment.

After selecting the most attractive offer, you must submit the file taking care to provide the requested documents, this then allows the financial advisor to edit a credit contract offer and therefore to release the funds, after statutory period of reflection. Note that for a mortgage with mortgage guarantee, an additional period will also be necessary which consists of going to the notary for the deed.


A month to get a mortgage: the reflection period

mortgage loan

When applying for a home loan, the financial institution will send by mail (or e-mail) a credit contract offer that the borrower can accept and sign or refuse. If he accepts and signs the document, he must respect a legal deadline of 10 calendar days from the date of signature, this means that he can reverse his decision during this period.

This also means that to obtain a home loan within one month, you must take this constraint into account and therefore do the necessary between online simulation and sending documents in less than 20 days. The research departments of banks are not always reactive, some may even take several weeks to process a file when many requests are established at the same time.

The use of the comparator facilitates the search for active banks, that is to say, financial institutions that can take charge of the mortgage loan request very quickly and give a favorable result. It is obviously necessary to take the time to compare the rates, the conditions of repayment and the insurance borrower, a cover which can cost in a file on a long duration.

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