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Consumer Offering In Ontario Consumer offering in Ontario is a formal legally binding deal you make with your creditors. If you’re deep in debt and can’t take out a loan from a bank, but have a stable source of income, an Ontario consumer offer may be a good option.

Consumer offers in Ontario allow you to make these payments to creditors but within a specified period of time.

If you have more than $ 5,000.00 but less than $ 250,000.00 in debt (excluding mortgage payments), an offer may be made to consumers in Ontario. You cannot open previous user suggestions. Even if you’ve filed for bankruptcy before, you may be eligible for a consumer offer in Ontario. To take advantage of this opportunity, you contact a licensed bankruptcy trustee who will begin to give you an appraisal.

Will be determined if a consumer offer

Will be determined if a consumer offer

The trustee must assess debts, assets, income, marital status, and expenses. Once this information is gathered, it will be determined if a consumer offer in Ontario is the right solution for you. If not, the trustee may offer a debt consolidation loan, credit counseling, debt management plan or personal bankruptcy. If you are a prospective consumer Ontario prospective candidate, your trustee will create a plan to calculate how many months he should be paying his creditors and the amount you will pay per month.

You must then file a claim with the creditors. Creditors may or may not accept your claim. Sometimes they will be accepted, but only under certain conditions. The trustee will guide you through this process, alerting you if creditors ask for any unusual deadlines. You have to bother with the fine print. Sometimes creditors will only send you proof that they have received the application, and contempt to accept or reject it. In the worst case, they’re nothing at all, too little to even send you a proof of claim. Nevertheless, under bankruptcy and insolvency law, creditors have 45 days to make a decision. A trustee cannot vote on your behalf. If 25% vote against your claim, your trustee must schedule a creditors meeting.

They would rather get some money than nothing

They would rather get some money than nothing

A meeting will be held at this time to be determined if a majority of the creditors (more than 50%) can come to the Agreement. Only two votes can be achieved: accept or reject. Creditors rarely ever reject their claims. After all, they would rather get some money than nothing. At best, a trustee can handle the transaction so that you only have to pay 50% of what you owe to these creditors. However, in many cases, you may have to pay a higher amount. Consumer offer in Ontario only eliminates unsecured debt (ie: credit cards, personal loans, tax revenue). Ontario consumer deals are not designed to help you secure secured debt like mortgage payments and car loans. Get started now!

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