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The most well-known loan products of Good Finance are the so-called Flex loans. These are actually loans that are divided according to use. They are among the most popular bank loans in Slovakia and Good Finance is one of the largest banking companies in our country.

It covers about 1.2 million clients, which is also about 20% of the banking market in Slovakia, which makes it the second-largest bank.

If you need finance for the purchase of a new car, replacement of windows, reconstruction of an apartment, or a loan for students, then these Flexi-loans from Good Finance are suitable for you.

Minimum documents, money within 24 hours, fixed installments throughout the loan. These are the benefits you can get with a flexo loan. You can get these loans without a guarantor.

Flexo loan for anything


You can use the money for anything. You can pay off other consumer loans by buying holidays, furniture, electronics, or from it. A non-purpose Flexi loan can be adapted for you in repaying a loan. You can reduce your installments by extending the due date or postponing the installments altogether for a certain period. Direct debit collection simplifies the monitoring of specific loan maturities.

If you are a policyholder of the Health Insurance Trust and you are in the BENEFITS program, then you have the opportunity to obtain a non-purpose Flexi-loan on favorable terms.

  • Individual – no loan fee
  • member of the Family club – no fee for providing a loan and the interest rate will be reduced by 1% pa

A Flexi loan with financial guarantee


If you have a passbook, term deposit or VUB AM unit certificates and you want to take out a loan, then this loan is the most suitable for you.

You can use these financial assets as collateral. With this loan you get a preferential interest rate, you do not have to prove your income, money within 24 hours and you pay the same monthly installments for the entire period of the loan. You can use the money for anything.

In addition to the Flexi loan, you can also arrange loan insurance that would protect you in the event of unforeseen life events, as a result of which you would not be able to repay the loan. Then the insurance company would take over for you.

Flexi loan for students


If you are looking for a suitable loan for a student, e.g. to pay for books, tuition, travel, rent, or language stay, it is like a flexible loan for students. You can get it already during the 1st year of study.

Fixed installments throughout the period are a matter of course. You can use this loan to finance both full-time and distance learning. You can also arrange advantageous loan insurance for the loan.

If you do not have enough funds to repay the installments, you can postpone the installments until after graduation. It is also possible to adjust the amounts of installments or make extraordinary installments. 

Flexible car loan


A quick flex loan, from which you can draw within 24 hours, is intended for the purchase of a car. The car can look according to your ideas, it can be new or old, used, and used.

The loan will provide you with the total value of the car. When buying a new car, you can arrange Compulsory Contractual Insurance (PZP) at each branch. You can also take out credit insurance.

Flexible home loan


You can help finance housing with a flexible-housing loan. Its advantage is that you do not have to establish a property. With this loan, you get the security of a fixed installment and a more advantageous interest rate.

You will get this loan even if you have already invested money in your home, e.g. for reconstruction, purchase, or modernization. They will refund your money to your account.

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